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i bet at the abc family headquarters just has a big red button on a wall labeled “harry potter marathon” in big letters

And there’s a sign next to it that says “It has been [17] days since our last harry potter marathon”

The higher that number is, the more uneasy the employees feel.

#I think it’s time to push it again says one of the employees

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never seen a post describing my life so well 

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A journalist wore slippers to protect the glass floor of the ‘Step Into the Void’ enclosure at Aiguille du Midi mountain in the French Alps. The structure is a five-sided glass structure installed on the top terrace of the mountain, with a 1,000-meter drop below. (Robert Pratta/Reuters)
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this should be the way to observe animals, not with them locked up in cages.
this plays with ur mind

Someone would still manage to get eaten and ruin it for the rest of us
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